Council Member Mary "Trinket" Gaumnitz

Mayor Mary Gaumnitz

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Term Ends: December 2018

Early Life

Mary Kathleen Gaumnitz is known to most people as "Trinket".

She was raised in Chowchilla and went to the local schools, always dreaming of becoming a Chowchilla Redskin like her big brother Fred. She also has a sister named Diane and both chose to raise their families in Chowchilla just as their parents had raised them. Trinket’s mom is Vera and her dad, who is deceased, was Fritz.

The light of Trinket’s life is her son Harry. He was born in 1988 and was raised in Chowchilla and is currently attending Fresno State University.

Professional Background

Trinket is a Special Education teacher in the Weaver School District in Merced California. She started her career as an instructional aide in 1986. During that initial experience she decided to go back to school where she earned her teaching credential. She has been teaching Special Education since 1999.

Personal Life

In her spare time Trinket likes to read, work in the yard and spend time with family and friends. She also tries to be out in the community as much as she can and attends many of the community functions and special dinners for the various service programs in Chowchilla.

Chowchilla Government Involvement

Trinket was elected to her first term with the Chowchilla City Council in November 2014. She was selected to serve as Mayor Pro Tem for 2016 and subsequently to serve as Mayor for 2017..