City Council Contingency Fund (CCF)

Background of the City Council Contingency Fund (CCF)

The strength of Chowchilla flows from a variety of community organizations and opportunities that provide a well-rounded quality of life. The City of Chowchilla encourages projects, events, and cultural opportunities that focus on the economic development, heritage, diversity, and character of the community.

In support of these activities, the Chowchilla City Council has established the Council Contingency Fund (CCF) that offers grants for the purpose of aiding eligible organizations, including municipal programs, in providing new and continued projects, events and cultural experiences.

The City Council has the sole discretion as to how much can be distributed in a single grant, up to the limit of the funds available in the Contingency Fund. Utilizing this committed revenue source tied to projects, events and culture, the grant facilitates a beneficial economic cycle for our local businesses, while benefiting our residents as well.

Applying for a CCF Grant

If you or your organization would like to submit an application for possible funding by the Chowchilla City Council through the CCF, you are encouraged to view and download the following various documents.

The CCF Grant Applicant Manual details the policies and procedures for grants program so you can determine the potential eligibility of your project or proposal and how to apply to apply for funding. Applications must be complete and submitted to the City Clerk. A minimum four week review period is required prior to the application being presented for funding consideration at a City Council meeting.

Grant Request

The Council Contingency Fund Grant Request for Payment (PDF) is submitted along with supporting invoices to begin the reimbursement payment process of expenditures made with CCF Grant funds.

Grant Report

A CCF Grant Report must be completed by the grant recipient and submitted to the City Clerk within 60 days after the project or event is complete. View the Council Contingency Fund Grant Report (PDF) or the Council Contingency Fund Grant Report (DOC).

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions, please contact the Community Relations Office at 559-665-8615, ext. 110, or Email the Community Relations Office.