Why are there watering regulations?

State-wide drought conditions have persisted for years and even with the occasional above-average rainfall season, water conservation has become a necessity. Conserving water also helps alleviate low water pressure and helps reduce electrical energy usage which is beneficial for our environment. In order to assist in the preservation of water, a precious resource, the City of Chowchilla has designated specific watering days and times.

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1. Why are there watering regulations?
2. If I have a 1/2 on the end of my address, which days apply to me?
3. Are there certain hours I am allowed to water?
4. Do I have to use sprinklers or can I leave my garden hose running?
5. When am I allowed to wash my car?
6. Why do I sometimes see watering on non-watering days or beyond specified hours?
7. Can I get a special use permit to water on my off days?
8. Who do I contact to report violators?
9. I received a violation warning notice do I have to pay a fee?
10. What are the violation fees after a warning is given?
11. Do I need a permit to fill or drain my swimming pool?