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Situated in Madera County, Chowchilla covers approximately 7.7 square miles with 480 acres in the City zoned for light and heavy industry. Adjacent to City limits are another 880 acres industrially zoned and available for development. An annexation in 2012 added an additional 1,509 acres south of the city zoned for industrial and commercial use and an additional 410 residential acres west of the city. Chowchilla's elevation is 237 feet. For a map of Chowchilla, click here.

  Growth Trends
bullet Population:  
bullet Taxable Sales:
bullet Occupied Dwellings:
bullet School Enrollment:
17,817 people*
20,504 dollars
(estimate based on 2nd quarter 2011)
3,653 units**
(includes single family & multi-family dwellings)
3,241 students
(Dec. 2012: 2,302 elementary, 939 high school)
  *Based on January 2012 figures from the Department of Finance.
(Includes count of 6,058 from two women's correctional facilities.)
**Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2007-2011
  For more detailed information, go to the U.S. Census website
and click on American Fact Finder.
bullet January Minimum Average Temperature:
bullet July Maximum Average Temperature:
bullet Yearly Average Temperature:
bullet Yearly Average Rainfall:
bullet Rail:
Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads
Public Rail: Amtrak stations - Madera & Merced - 20 miles
south and north       
bullet Truck:
27 common carriers and 9 general haulers
bullet Air:
Fresno-Yosemite International Airport - 34 miles south
Chowchilla Municipal Airport
bullet Bus:
Local public transportation (CATX) & Madera Co. Connection
bullet Water:
Port of Stockton - 99 miles north
bullet Highways:
State Hwy 99, State Rte 152, Interstate 5 - 5 miles west via 152
bullet Local:
4 elementary schools  
1 middle school                
1 high school
bullet Regional:


Merced Junior College - 20 miles north
University of California Merced
- 20 miles north
Madera Community College - 16 miles south
Fresno State University - 45 miles south
Stanislaus State University - 45 miles north
  Health Services
bullet 1 skilled nursing facility
bullet 8 physicians
bullet 3 additional physicians (present at nursing facility on a rotating basis)
bullet 2 multi-purpose outpatient clinics
bullet 1 convalescent hospital
bullet 1 board and care facility
bullet 2 dentists
bullet 1 optometrist
bullet 1 chiropractor
bullet 18-hole golf course and 9-hole executive course
bullet Library
bullet 3 parks
bullet 4 playgrounds
bullet Sheltered picnic and barbecue facilities
bullet Senior Citizen Center
bullet Berenda Reservoir and recreational area
bullet Community Sports Center/Gym
bullet Community Aquatic Facility
bullet 8 TV Stations
bullet TV cable system
bullet Local weekly newspaper
bullet Rentals:
1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments/duplexes -
$550-$950 avg. per month
2, 3 & 4 bedroom houses - $550 - $1500 avg. per month
bullet Home Prices:
Range from $60,000 to $1,200,000
bullet Mobile Homes:
1 Mobile Home Park
bullet Hotels/Motels:
*Motel Tax: 10%
1 Hotel with 63 rooms and 3 Motels with 104 total rooms
bullet 25 churches of various denominations




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